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About Me

William Holmes McGuffey
It was a gradual thing, this losing of my mind. It happened more with each child was born to me. By the time I had given birth to my fourth baby, it was finis.

That is, my mind was made up. Now, after adding 11 more children to the mix, I am more convinced than ever.

Homeschooling is sanity--it is a trip back to a past before humanism and all of its hopelessness. It is a way back to God and His ways of living for Him daily. It is a better life, one filled with possibilities!

If you are tired of trying to please men, tired of trying to figure out just how to be as close to the world and its ideas as possible and still call yourself "Christian", then you will feel right at home here.

You see, I've given up on trying to "fit in", or to make my children twist and turn and try and look "acceptable" in today's world. They are going to stick out, they are going to be peculiar, they are going to be a living witness and lead the way to a revival that will rock the world before Jesus comes back--Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

One way we are cooperating with the work of the Holy Spirit is to rely on time-tested materials and methods that will not only "puff them up" with pride, but fill them with wisdom that comes from the fear of the Lord.

I hope what you read here will equip you and encourage you to do the same.

If you are interested in reading more about my thoughts and experiences about living in a larger-than-life Christian family, visit my other blog, Large Family Mothering.



  1. I just noticed on your sidebar that your family has opened an Etsy shop. Wonderful idea! I am remembering a beautiful dress your daughter made to wear to your son's wedding. Would she be interested in making one for the Etsy shop or perhaps writing out the pattern to sell? I would still love to have one! :)

  2. Hi Sherry. So happy to have found you! I love your "About Me" statement. My husband and I feel the same way! We have 4 children and one on the way. I wish I could have many more like you, but it's up to the Lord if he is going to make me be like Sarah. LOL! I started at 35 and now I am 43 with baby #5. So we have 4 kids that are 7 and under. I was on your Large Mothering Blog first and then found this one. Thank you so much for putting sanity back into my life!! I have just halted what we were doing "school at home" with workbooks. I knew that I had been drawn to McGuffey and had purchased a couple of readers and I have the New England Primer and downloaded Ray's Arithmetic and the Manual of Eclectic Methods, but I never quite implemented it because I didn't know what to do! So we have come full circle in a year and I am committed to doing things the way I know God wants me to. I hope that your blog will hold my hand so I know how to start and where. Thank God for you and your ministry. God Bless. Sheri