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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The blessing of Godly schoolwork

My dear son Josh was giving me an oral narration of his McGuffey lesson the other day, and it was amazing to witness the joy on his face.

Josh is 17. He is of the age that demands authenticity; his need for idealism and genuineness is often foremost in his mind.

This is why he is filled with great satisfaction when he reads these old books.

His lesson was number 47 in the revised McGuffey's 4th reader, entitled, "The Creator".

Here is an excerpt:

But there is one fairer than the rose. He that made the rose is more beautiful than the rose. He is altogether lovely. He is the delight of every heart.
To think just how many children read these words in times past. To understand just how far we have fallen, and just why our culture is in the mess it is today.

To be so thankful my own children are blessed with these materials once again.


  1. I've been diving into our readers the last couple of months trying to prepare for next year. I'm enjoying the sweet stories and morals/lessons behind each one of them. I'm in the primer, 1st reader and 3rd reader this year (well my kids are!). Thanks for inspiring me to use these!