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Monday, December 5, 2011

Technology is not necessary for a good education

Here is an interesting piece on just how wonderful it is for children to be able to live without the constant intrusion of electronic gadgets--besides the Waldorf method being so closely related to how we homeschool everyday!

The smartest, most creative and innovative people in our nation know that children need time to play and think before they get used to being limited to the spoon-feeding of media of all types.

Guess what's not on our Christmas list this year?--technology!


  1. This is so true. I really, really dislike using technology for our schooling. In a pinch when I'm having one of those days and I know full well I won't get to math I admit that I love the apps I have on my touch and phone for the littler ones to use but that is far and few between when that happens. Otherwise, if I'm desperate they will read their book on the computer but again, it's just until I get to the printing of it. Even using the ereader at times I cringe at but it's better than the computer for reading our Lost Classics books. By the way, they are having their sale again over there on 225 books for 99.00. Of course they are for the computer or ereader but I have converted a few of them so I could print them. I love these books.

  2. Other than research, I don't see our family using the computer during school too much.

  3. Sounds like our home school! The only thing we use the computer for is typing, and a couple of music theory programs. I like the old-fashioned, hands-on way best.