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Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Homeschool

Before you take your first step, pray. It really amazes me how often we forget this most vital yet indispensable detail!

Then please, please, don't rush out and buy curriculum. It doesn't matter if the publisher claims Einstein would have used it, save your money, your time, and loads of frustration and take the real first step...

...educate YOURSELF! Whether you were publicly or privately-schooled, chances are you have a definite idea of what "education" looks like, but you just may be surprised that it has very little to do with real learning!

Just stop and think for a minute; out of all of those hours of instruction you sat through, and of all the tests you took, how much do you really remember? Besides, if the way we educate today was truly effective, then why are we all so ignorant? Why do employers complain the workforce is so inept, why do we rank so low in academic test scores?

And, here's the most important question, why would we want to emulate a failed system, when we can implement any type of system we deem best for our own children? 

Get a hold of books and materials written by the modern pioneers of the homeschool movement like: Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore, Ruth Beechick, Cathy Duffy, Charlotte Mason (via new voices such as Karen Andreola) just to name a few. Also, check out some tomes that break down just what is wrong with education in America, such as books by John Taylor Gatto.

It is also very important glean everything you can from and about these pioneers on the Internet. Here are some websites that may be helpful: 

The Odysseus Group 

The Moore Foundation 

Cathy Duffy Reviews 

The next step is to find out about alternative and creative ways of educating children, such as Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Widsom's Way of Learning, Robinson Curriculum, and simply good, old-fashioned McGuffey's style ( I love old-fashioned ways, mixed with a good dose of Charlotte Mason, notebooking, and helped by some modern technology). 

Here are some websites that may be helpful: 

8.5" x 11" paperback now available
Montessori on a Budget 

Donna Young

Charlotte Mason Help 

Homeschool Sanity 

Homeschool Oasis   

"Just what do I do with my child(ren) while I'm busy undertaking all of this self-education?" you may be wondering. Here are a few ideas:
  • Don't allow any video games or television during the day.
  • Get your children to listen to you and to help with chores.
  • Read Bible stories aloud (from the Bible), talk about them, and pray together.
  • Go on lots of nature hikes--even just around the block. You can look at the sky and try and figure out what kind of weather you will be having, or notice the frost on the ground, listen for different birds, etc.
  • Read loads of books out-loud, especially while cuddled under warm blankets together.
  • Go the the Library and check out every book they have on a particular subject that you all want to learn about (such as flowers, clouds, music, Vikings, etc.).
  • Bake cookies and try new recipes.
  • Write letters to Grandmother.
  • Take your children grocery shopping and explain how you choose the food you eat.
Of course, you don't have to do each of these exercises every day! Just live and be sure to include your children. Did you know that teachers of young children go to great lengths to imitate learning at home? If you think of it this way, you are already have the advantage!

After you have spent some time familiarizing yourself with all the methodologies that are available, you can begin to search for "curriculum" items, or even opt for a whole, everything's-in-the-box sort of system.

Hopefully, if you follow this plan, you will have a better idea of what's really necessary to purchase, and what isn't!

Since I have been homeschooling for 24 years and have graduated seven children (with eight more sweeties to go!), I have written quite a lot on the very important subject of How to Homeschool your children.

My new book, Homeschool Sanity, is finally in paperback and is now being sold on!

Many of my friends and loyal followers have been asking me just when I was going to publish my book in paperback form. Because they wanted something to put in their own hands that they could use as a resource that they could easily to refer back to--well it's here now

I asked Mrs. June Fuentes, of A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, to write the foreword for the new paperback version and she generously agreed. The paperback has been totally revised and now contains 178 pages including "full page" homschooling charts, forms and helps--along with several pages of homeschooling resources!

My book gives an overview of the different methodologies of homeschooling along with a brief history of education in America. Some of the subjects that are covered are:


Reading and literature






No fancy psycho-anything here. I've rediscovered precisely why things used to work, and why they're so very broken today.

Readers will discover a catalog of successful methodologies for their own re-education.
After reading my book, you will not feel tired and anxious; you will be refreshed and filled with real hope!

Gain clarity. Find Peace.

You can now purchase my brand new (large) 8.5" x 11" book, Homeschool Sanity, now in paperback for $22.00! Simply go to:

Please let me know what you think of the new paperback version by commenting on my blog.

Here is some additional information on my new paperback:
Publication Date: Jul 18 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1478164425 / 9781478164425
Page Count: 178
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Language: English
Color: Black and White with Bleed
Related Categories: Education / Home Schooling 

Below are some links with some of the best articles from the Large Family Mothering blog that I thought would assist you on your homeschooling journey:

Homeschool sanity (the essay that started the book)

It's my desire to lead the way into a fresh effort to bring back the best of the past in order to prepare our children for the brightest possible future!

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