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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lilla Rose Party; Beauty and Modesty with Sarah

Sarah Elizabeth
Today I am going to interview my sweet daughter, Sarah, who is very interested in beautiful, modest fashion for women and young ladies.

Me: Sarah, tell our audience just why you are so interested in what we ladies look like on the outside? 

Sarah: I've always been pretty "girlie," but in a way I think it's a duty to look pretty and modest at the same time for all who have to see us all day long! When we don't care about our personal appearance, people will get the impression that we don't care about anything else. It's very selfish not to realize just how beautiful and feminine God has made us! 

Me: When you think of the word "modest," what comes to your mind? 

Sarah:  To me modesty has to do with sweetness, at least in my mind. How you dress should display the sweetness and innocence you have on the inside. It's a way of expressing how you are "covered" and how God is protecting you. 

Nicole takes a country stroll
Me: In our modern day, what are some things we can do to be both "beautiful" and modest at the same time? 

Sarah: Skirts and dresses are a part of that protection and covering I mentioned, because they do an excellent job not to reveal everything about our bodies. They are beautiful and practical at the same time. You can do a lot of things with skirts. You can layer, embellish and accessorize so that you look good for every occasion, and even appear dressed-up in order to make your family feel special no matter what you are doing! You should dress very nice each and every day, and skirts really add dignity to everything. 

Me: How does hair, personal hygiene, and even make-up fit into your views on beauty and modesty? 

Sarah: Let's begin with our hair. Some people can go really crazy with it--like making a mess out of your hair--that's just really weird! But the Bible says that a woman's hair is her glory, that means that we are glorifying God by fixing our hair and making it look as lovely as we possibly can without over-doing it.

Me: What are some of the things you do to make your own hair look lovely? 

Sarah: Well, I like to braid my hair, and you can often find me wearing ribbons or even hair accessories (Lilla Rose has some really terrific ones). I have naturally straight hair, which I know is the current fashion, but I still love to curl my hair. I really don't pay attention to the current trends, but instead, I try to dress and do my hair in a way that looks good to me. 

Me: What about personal hygiene and make-up? 

Sarah: I'm a morning person, so I get up earlier than almost everyone in my home and go through my morning routine; first I wash my face (I actually use lotion to wash my face, because it moisturizes as it cleans), thoroughly brush my teeth, put my make-up on and style my hair. This usually takes me about half of an hour altogether. 

Me: What kind of make-up do you consider necessary and why? 

Sarah: Some ladies don't wear make-up because they want to honor their fathers or husbands. My dad appreciates a little make-up on ladies, so this is fine in our home. I feel that mascara, some foundation powder, a small amount of blush, occasionally some eye-shadow and a little bit of lip gloss are appropriate. I try not to put it on too thick, because the idea is to enhance, not to give yourself a whole, new face! 

Me: What are some other things you would like to say on the subject? 

Sarah: Jewelry! Some folks feel that it's not proper to wear any jewelry at all. It can be OK, as long as you are very careful about what you wear, and make sure that you are not obsessed with it or over doing it. I put on just enough accessories to complement what I am wearing, but not so much that people are blinded, or distracted by what I wear! 
Me with a Lilla Rose clip

Also, in Proverb's 31 we find that a good woman actually tries to clothe herself well, so caring about what we wear in order to look nice and appropriate can't be sinful! 

Me: Thanks, Sarah, you know, you don't have to do a thing, you have always been so beautiful to me! 

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