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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wasting Our Children

I was at the library with two of my older daughters to other day. We were having a grand time together; the men were at home with the little ones and we were sharing and joking around (quietly--after all it was the library!)

As we were browsing the shelves for treasures to bring home for the family, we noticed that in the empty spots on the shelves someone had purposely chosen only "politically correct" titles to display.

One book title was tragically funny to us. On the cover a sweet young girl was posed with her chin in her hand, and above her a thought balloon read, "I wonder what a green school looks like?"

The book was in brand-new condition, and I'm sure it will stay pristine until it's discarded. What was that publisher thinking? Is there any child in his/her right mind that would purposely check out such a book? Is there any reason that a child would be remotely interested in whether or not his/her school is "green"?

I suppose there is a remote possibility, that is if some poor youngster has been so brainwashed that he/she can forget what it means to be a human being.

Real children, the ones that don't have to worry about living up to the tenets of socialist humanism, have very different interests. They want to know how things are made, or how they work. They enjoy stories of people all around the world and how they have fought battles and lived in different ages. They want to know how to do useful things, such as baking some cookies or making the best kite. Besides all this, an innocent heart yearns to know that God is there, in all that He has created, and that He has been active in the affairs of men since the dawn of history.

Show me a child that is concerned about how green his school is, and I will weep and mourn for the officials and the administrators and the textbook writers, for the future of our society, but mostly for the waste of the priceless young souls which are daily being plundered of all that makes them so very precious.


  1. I don't like to admit it, but we just don't go to the library very often -- for those very reasons. Agreed completely, Sherry!